Animals go deeper - and so do we

Photo: Putfarcken
Photo: Putfarcken

Times are changing. Animals are no longer solely beasts of burden or at best house pets. They are no longer “just” animals. It is now clear that they are intelligent beings. That they can feel and express joy and sadness, that they desire and don’t desire, that they can love, differentiate, and decide on things. That they are born equal beings with us, that they are our friends and family members.


You probably know and understand that they have the same soul that we ourselves carry. A soul that resides in a body that, instead of hands, has paws, wings, fins, or hooves. A being that can communicate with us on many levels using sounds, movements, mimicking, gestures and emotions.


And certainly you understand that there is yet another level, one that we call intuition. As for example when we are thinking about someone, the phone rings, and it’s them. Or you knew what a friend in animal form needed, even though it remained hidden from others.


This is the point of departure for my work: telepathic communication with animals, also called “Animal Communication” or “Animal Telepathy,” the ability to convey or receive feelings at a distance. We all have what is necessary to do this. It isn’t the least bit paranormal – it is contained in our inmost senses. We may never have realized it was in us or knowingly used it, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t there.


Animal communication, being able to fluently speak with animals, can be learned. If you wish to rediscover your natural ability, I can help you to bring it into the known and active realm, in a consultation with you and your animal friend or in my classes - online or in person.


I’m happy to get to know you!


Christine Tetau